Monday, April 2, 2018



What a thrill to make it to Venice, Italy, even if only for a short time. Spent much of it in a boat as you can imagine. Not the gondolas, and there are many, but these beautiful water taxis that look like something out of the 1950s, lot's of wood, well kept, fast. Quite the scene. 

Venice is a very great walking city with bridges everywhere to get you across the water. I cannot imagine what it would be like during high season with the crowds and I'm sure more than a few fall into the canals from over crowded paths.

This is the shot I took of San Marco Square just before I almost fell from the balcony of San Marco Cathedral. I was fortunately grabbed by someone who was standing there at just the right moment. The Cathedral, for the most part, has every step in the place clearly marked with black tape, but the balcony was not marked and all that marble up there looked like a continuos sheet. Oops...

Lots of gondola action.

This guy was checking his cell phone....

Masks were everywhere..for sale..being was a carnival scene, maybe associated with Easter? Large palm fronds were everywhere too as it was Palm Sunday.

One of Saint Mark's horses..not the original, they are kept inside the Cathedral in a very complete museum of the church. This was also taken from the balcony.

Some graffiti, not as bad as Athens was for sure. 

Here's one of those water taxi's I was mentioning...vintage.

We are off to points south! Brindisi first stop.

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