Monday, March 12, 2012

Cologne, Germany-Karnival

Door to the Dom

Closed for Karnival. We had hoped to see the museums and cathedral on our trip

 The Dom was very impressive from the outside and inside are reputed to be the bones of the three Wise Men no less. Most of Cologne was very heavily damaged in the War so it has little of the original architecture, although some was reproduced. The Dom was bombed and restored. Unfortunately, we were unable to see any of it as they had it all closed up for the Karnival crowds which were very large.

Cologne TV tower-similar to Berlin's

Bands from all over Germany show up for the 6 day Karnival. These guys were great!

Something that seems quaint about this 60's-70's architecture.

These were destroyed in the WWII bombing and rebuilt just like the originals.

Along the streets are these brass memorial plates marking the homes and businesses of Jews deported in the Holocaust. A number of German cities have these and in some spots, most of the sidewalk is made of brass.
Many different colored soldiers-green, blue, red

Everyone is decked out in some elaborate costume or funny hat.

Zoe made the trip!