Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paris! (pt. 2)

We've entered the Louvre-Venus De Milo attracts a crowd.

Okay-here's the mob scene around the Mona Lisa.

Despite the "No Flash" signs everywhere, everyone is shooting away in full flash-fortunately for Mona, they have her behind protective glass.

A sliver of Christ's cross. We tried to spot the crown of thorns at Notre Dame but the room was closed that day.
"The" throne for Napoleon. In his quarters. Not that big actually. And his bed was rather small as well.




Paris! (pt. 1)

Taken on the Eiffel Tower  
Wondering who's idea it was to build the black monstrosity.

It looks great up close-they painted it just a couple years ago. The very best restaurant in Paris (I'm told) is the "Jules Verne" which is located inside the Eiffel Tower. A reservation takes three months in advance to get.
The view is to die for. We took the stairs for a modest 4.50 euro and not the elevator for around 20. Didn't need to get to the very tip top-and there is lots of historical stuff to see as you ascend.

Looking up into the thing-it really is a huge erector set. I was told it was supposed to have a skin or facade but everyone liked the bare metal. It's made from pig iron-one of the very last large constructions before the introduction of steel.

A slight variation on the theme-an exterior skeleton wrapping a large building-somehow got around the strict zoning, which was probably the most creative part of the whole thing.

They have this thing for trimming trees into boxes-saw it in other places in Paris. Not sure what it means or where it started or how they do it-but it looks really different.
A little street art.

#12- Chopin died here.

One of the great fountains.
On this site, Marie Antoinette was publicly beheaded. There is now a very large and very old obelisk on the site, with diagrams showing how it was removed from ancient Egypt and re-erected in the middle of Paris.

A lovely garden sculpture-there are actually many of these throughout the park just West of the Louvre.More of that crazy topiary.