Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Haghia Sophia

Inside the Haghia Sophia

The German tourist. Standing where Sultans stood.

Stuff from ancient times is piled up everywhere. Not sure what these are but they are very old and have been dug on the site of the Palace

More inside the Haghia Sophia

 Here's the link from wikipedia-

Istanbul Street Scenes

The Grand Bazaar
 See wikipedia-,_Istanbul for lots about this amazing place.
We bought this rug! It's a wool tribal rug hand sewn in the mountains of Turkey.It even flies!

Street Scene. Those are fish.

Across the Bosphorus  River in Beyoglu.

Second largest city on the planet-this is taken in Beyoglu

Street scene

Behind the big tourist hotels in the old city

Outside one of Istanbul's oldest mosques, the "New Mosque.". These are feet washing stations.

Inside one of Istanbul's oldest Mosques, the "New Mosque.".