Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome back to VeitchMunich!  Dec. 2015

                                                                    English Garden #7 by Michael Veitch
                                                                                            Along the Canal by Michael Veitch

Much news to get caught up with. First, I am finishing up a recording project of many new songs that I wrote while living on Osterwaldstrasse in Munich. Down the street from where the Rollings Stones converge when they come to Munich. Good vibes. 
It will be called (of course) "VeitchMunich" and will have at least twelve Munich inspired songs with a few in reserve for the next project. 
       Here I am performing with Alma at a lovely cafe in Munich called Bagels and Muffins.

I am very fortunate to have some of Munich's finest musicians on the record, including Solly Aschkar, Alex Sebastian, and of course Alma Honal. Most of the early recording was done in Munich and the finishing touches were added in Ascutney Vermont US and Woodstock NY US. Much help from my engineers Rick Davis at Majik Kabin and Julie Last at Coldbrook Productions. Adding drums and percussion is Eric Parker who has toured with Joe Cocker and Ian Hunter, and my favorite great bassplayer in Woodstock, Kyle Esposito who is also a gifted songwriter.

                                                English Garden #5 by Michael Veitch
                                                                               Neuschwanstein  #1 by Michael Veitch

Still working on the cover art selections-there is a lot to choose from, including some Munich artists who's art I acquired while there.

Most of the material was developed in consort with the Munich Songwriter's Meeting I helped establish, as well as the International Songwriters' Evening concerts held at the Hepple Ettlich. Thanks to all for letting me participate! Very helpful for whipping those songs into some kind of shape.

                                                                    English Garden # 9 by Michael Veitch

Here's a link to the first single from the record-"White Rose"- the story of Sophie Scholls and her comrades in White Rose, heroes in the truest sense of the word.