Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Munich City Museum-Puppet Collection

This may be one of the coolest museums in all of Germany. In addition to the usual history, models of early Munich, paintings and armor, they have collected an amazing display of circus and puppet artifacts. The rooms themselves are almost like a maze and at one point, as the sitting clown wakes up and starts rolling in laughter at you, you start to wonder if maybe you don't remember the way out. And at that point, three skeletons come to life and start dancing before your eyes. If that's not enough, a crazy talking head starts screaming at you and spitting large amounts of water out of it's mouth. This one is not to be missed. I took many pix and have selected some of my faves. Enjoy.
It's always cool when you spot something and find it has it's own postcard in the gift shop.

These guys are carved from wood dating to the 1400's.
These puppets were designed by Picasso.
The Picasso sketches.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The English Garden Series

#2 in the English Garden Series

Schloss Nymphenburg

Koi Pond #4 English Garden

 Bridge to Somewhere (South of Munich)

English Garden #3

#1 English Garden