Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saint Peter's Kirche Munich

Photos taken from atop of the spire platform at Saint Peters in Central Munich.It was a very long climb-at least 15 flights-on narrow and old oak stairs-past ancient beams and dust-old bells and lots of graffiti, some hundreds of years old. Timing was very good as it looked like vast crowds trying to make their way up as we were heading down. Very cramped on top however and not the clearest of days but some good shots none the less. All for 1.50 Euro.

Here's the link to wikipedia's Saint Peter's Kirche site:,_M%C3%BCnchen

A demonstration was happening below
Nice view of the Glockenspiel
Warm enough to be eating outdoors
Not a model-the real thing

Bird's eye view of the ViktualienMarkt-the year around farmer's market. Here's the link-

Not the bones of Saint Munditia
A mere "side chapel"

Here's the wikipedia link to Saint Munditia-  Looks like I will have to make a return trip to see this as I missed it on this one. Looks amazing. Having the bones of saints and martyrs in glass cases on the alters of churches is not uncommon in Europe and the first time I noticed it was in Austria. I have not,however, seen anything quite as elaborate as Saint Munditia's.
A side alter

The main alter
Frescos are painted throughout.
Large very old oil paintings are everywhere too.

As you enter the Church

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Andy Warhol's Art Car

A recent trip to the BMW Museum featured the added bonus of seeing some of their "art cars" in the prime spot atop the huge dome room. A circular ramp similar to the Guggenheim walks you past numerous orbs with backlit information about the artists, the cars, the project, etc. Most interesting to me was the Warhol but the Jeff Koons mobile was a close second. Standing around the whole exhibit were strange manikins dressed is outlandish designer outfits-some made from auto parts and fabrics. There was also a huge video projection circling the room with short clips of the artists and cars-needless to say they were not showing Warhol's "Blue Movie." Here's the wikipedia link for more info. 

The info-orbs


They gave some of  the artists "used" cars after they were done with the racing-Andy Warhol's was pretty beat-some cracks in the fenders here and there and the tires were mostly bald.

You can see his finger smears in the paint. Signature is on the back bumper.See below.
Here are a bunch more from the exhibit. I believe this is Caldor's and here's a link to the Wikipedia site-

Lichtenstein's Art Car

Nothing of Warhol is wasted

Model of the Warhol mobile. Maybe he did it after the fact? Wikipedia says he went straight to the canvas-er-car and hand painted it himself without doing a model first. Hmm.

Warhol Bumper

If Picasso had lived, I'm sure he would have done one of these. Dali too.

This is the Koons car I liked, apparently had just returned from a world tour.

More Koons. He had new tires on his car.